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About Us

The Green HUB has developed an acceleration program for projects related to Medicinal Cannabis, in addition to the technical skills of our team, we are passionate about the subject, we map every movement around the planet in what we understand to be the consolidation of a new age of medicine.
We evaluate each project in a judicious way, not only the idea, but also who had the idea, we analyze at what stage the project is and adapt our program the real need for the project to be structured and ready to gain scale in the market.

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Acceleration Program

Our acceleration program includes investments of up to R$ 50,000.00 and a cycle of 06 months, we have a network of investors ready to invest in projects after their acceleration cycle ends.

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Our network of mentors is made up of specialists in the Cannabis Medicinal market, we count on the support of international professionals from countries where evolution is happening at an impressive speed and we look for Brazil to accompany and accelerate in search of regularization of Medical Cannabis.

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